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What I prefer is to give you a good feeling. We all know what a 'good hair day' means for our mood. That feeling when you look in the mirror and think: 'Yes!' I'd be happy to help you with that. How do I do that? By biologically strengthening your hair with a natural color and shine.

I like to adopt a personal approach; not just to copy another. I prefer to look and decide with you about what suits you best and, while you catch your breath in my beautiful salon, take care, cut and color your hair with organic and biodynamic products. Meanwhile you can enjoy great music and a delicious glass of organic coffee or tea.

Would you like to experience this nature-friendly, personal approach yourself?
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blond haar
kruiden voor het haar
haar mannen baard kleur
prachtig rood haar
kruiden voor het haar
prachtig rood haar
haar mannen baard kleur
haar mannen baard kleur

Organic colours

After discussing your wishes, your hair is washed with a silicone-free shampoo so that your hair is clean and can absorb the colour effectively. We mix ground plant extract with warm water and then apply it to your hair.

Because of this simple and natural way of colouring, our products do not contain parabens, ammonia, peroxide and other chemicals. Our paint is pure and natural. All of that brings several fine benefits.

The paint does not smell chemically but very naturally, for example: coffee, honey or fresh earth. Additionally, with organic colours you will always get a head sauna. Furthermore, you sit under a steam hood that causes the hair to open up. This way the colour can be better absorbed by your hair. The main sauna moment is usually experienced extremely relaxing. You are equally well shut off from the outside world.

Another advantage of natural colours?
Plant colouring form an extra layer around your hair, which makes it thicker. Finally, your hair smells wonderful after the treatment and you do not suffer from a burning scalp. So, when you walk out the door from us, you have a beautiful new hair colour and your hair contains a magnificent shine.

Your wishes come first
A great deal is possible when using natural colours. So, let us know what your wishes are. Then we look at how we can help you achieve what you desire.

You can of course also come to us for a simple haircut. Then, if we wash your hair or we provide styling; we also do that with organic dynamic products. When I think that we have been successful, I always want to know if you agree…

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kruiden voor het haar
blond haar
haar kleuren

Organic wedding hairstyles & bridal makeup

Also during your wedding, don’t you want to live consciously?
On the most beautiful day of your life, you naturally have to shine like never before and I would really like to help you do that. How? By arranging your bridal hairstyle and/or bridal makeup on personal and organic products.

What can you count on when you appoint me as your make-up stylist for your wedding?

We can carry out your styling in my salon, but if you prefer it, I will come to your home or wedding location just as easily. I would like to make sure that you can start relaxing on your wedding day.

I will be present at your location as early as you wish.

I use only professional organic hair and make-up products.

I always provide a backup service. If I am sick or for any other reason I cannot accommodate you, I have someone who will replace me.

We will discuss in advance who my replacement is.

I am going to deliver the best of the best. Both in terms of appearance and in terms of inner peace. I find it essential that you experience my expertise in all areas, but also that you feel completely at your ease.

For me it's all about you on your wedding day!

I am very proud when, as an organic hairstylist and make-up artist, I can pamper you with my natural products on your special day.

I have a vast experience in the field of bridal styling and besides my work as a bridal stylist I do all sorts of different assignments for photo shoots, television series, films and musicals. You can expect a very high level of professional styling.

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bruidskapsel met bloemen
chinees haar bruid
kruiden voor het haar

This is how I became a biological hairdresser

I discovered early on that I like to make people happy, to give them a good feeling about themselves. Giving people good hairstyling seemed to fulfill that need. So, in 2010 I started with a hairdresser’s training at the Heads Academy in Delft.

When I was there, I felt as though something was still missing for me. I decided to continue my studies for make-up and hairstylist. I thought it was fantastic to make beautiful things. Setting up hair and learning all about different forms and what effect these forms have. That made me happy. After my studies, I worked for a while in a salon in The Hague at the Noordeinde. I gained more cutting experience there. Then I studied for another three years at the private study Heads Academy in Rotterdam. After those three years I was asked to do an internship in films and series, including 'The sheep with the 5 legs'.

elsa biologische kapper

Coincidentally, the organic salon of Marike Cazemier also came my way. An organic salon, that was new to me and that I found interesting! I applied and was accepted. Everything I had learned so far about colour went overboard. I was allowed to teach myself everything anew and it was fantastic. I discovered that natural colouring has a wonderful structure and, moreover, it can be applied very well. There was also a lot of stillness in this salon, so I could easily listen to my inner self.

After working for a while at Marike, other challenges came my way. I collaborated on various film and TV projects, such as Rundfunk, Treurtevee, Banker of the Resistance and the film Redbad. For some projects I was responsible for the design, I was the team-captain with others and sometimes I was an assistant. I also worked on the musical The Lion King and I took care of the hair and make-up of several brides.

But that story of Marike that led me through all those wonderful adventures, stayed with me because I wanted that. I wanted such a beautiful salon with a good atmosphere and organic products. A conscious way of hair colouring, appealed to me enormously. I decided to take the plunge; my own organic hair salon. A place where I could feel at home, where I no longer stand among the chemicals, but rather mingle with natural scents. A place where I can make sure that my customers are happy with themselves and their hairdo. A hairstylist where people walk out with a broad smile.

I think I succeeded. And I'm curious if you think that way…

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Elsa answers your questions

I am pregnant and would like to colour my hair. Can that be vegetable-based?

Organic colours are very suitable during pregnancy. There are no harmful substances in them and therefore you can simply enjoy a natural, plant colouring.

I have hair that quickly breaks down or is often lethargic / damaged / dry. Is plant colouring a good option for me?

In all the above cases, plant colouring is a godsend! Every type of hair becomes thicker by this means of colouring. The vegetable colour nourishes your hair and makes it firmer, and it also brings back the moisture balance.

I do not want colour but thicker hair or just a nourishing mask. Is that also possible with you?

Yes, of course! We can apply a colour neutral version to give you the desired effect.

I have (had) a lot of medication. Is organic colouring suitable for me?

Yes. With us you can excellently "recover organically".

I have a very sensitive scalp / I am allergic to all types of paint. Is a natural colouring a good solution?

Our colours are a very good option for people with sensitive scalp or allergies.

I doubt whether I should take biological colouring. I have tried so much. What do you advise?

Come along! Then we test the desired colour on your wrist. That is a sensitive place that gives a rapid response. That way we very quickly determine whether you should or should not do this.

What else do I need to know?

The gray coverage is different after one treatment with biological colours than after one treatment with chemical colours. The natural shade stays visible, so the white hair stays lighter than the dark hair. Do you want the gray to be completely covered? That is also possible, then we apply double organic colouring. In all cases of natural colours applies the fact that the more often you use the colour, the fuller the colour becomes and the longer it stays, without giving you a hard line in your outgrowth.

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